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Let the contractors at JND Paving Inc provide effective and durable repair solutions that meet your needs and budget in Ottawa!

Professional Asphalt Repair in Ottawa

Driveways and walkways wither with time. Various factors, such as rain, pollution, automobile weight, and extreme climate, cause this damage. At JND Paving Inc., we understand the importance of asphalt repair services for your property. 

For commercial clients, maintaining pothole-free walkways and parking lots is essential to ensure the safety of employees and clients. 


Similarly, municipalities and homeowners need to upkeep their driveways regularly to ensure safety while driving and enhance curb appeal. 

Our repair services ensure extended longevity and an environmentally friendly solution. Resurfacing provides a new finish without all the time, money, and effort required for a total replacement.

Please contact us for asphalt repair in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. We can also provide you with concrete work

Asphalt Repair Services

We cater to the needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and municipal clients with:

  • Asphalt:

    • Paving: We can repave your asphalt to restore its structural integrity and appearance.

    • Patching: This entails placing a few inches of asphalt over the damaged area.

    • Milling: With asphalt milling, we can remove a small part of the asphalt surface. This enables us to provide you with repairs without demolishing the complete structure.

    • Crack repairs: We can repair the cracks in your asphalt and enhance your curb appeal.

    • Resurfacing: When providing you with resurfacing, we remove and replace the upper layers of the asphalt.

  • Other services: We can repaint the lines on your asphalt road or driveway.​

When your asphalt surface shows signs of damage, it is important to act early. This prevents the damage from worsening and requires expensive repairs later.

Please contact us if you'd like to know more about our asphalt repair in Ottawa.

The Asphalt Repair Process

The following is a broad overview of our asphalt repair process:

  • Initial consultation

  • Assessment

  • Quote

  • Repairs

  • Competition

Wondering Whether You Need Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Services?

As a property owner, it’s important to identify when your asphalt pavement requires repairs. Neglecting the problem can worsen the damage, which might lead to the need for more expensive and extensive repairs later.

JND Paving Inc., we believe that preventive maintenance is the best technique to avoid irreversible damage to your pavement and incurring excess costs to make it new and functional. It is important to stay vigilant to detect a problem in time and repair minor damages as soon as possible.


Some common signs that indicate that your asphalt is deteriorating are:

  • Your asphalt is fading

  • Your asphalt has alligator cracks

  • Your asphalt is buckling and warping

  • Your asphalt has drainage issues

  • The cracks on your asphalt are growing

  • Your asphalt has sinkage

  • The edges of your asphalt are crumbling

If you notice any of these signs or anything else amiss with your asphalt pavements in Ottawa, call our professional pavers to schedule repairs.




  • Resurfacing: One of the most cost-effective alternatives to repairing an asphalt surface is the process of resurfacing. This process works best if your asphalt is degraded beyond repair, which could be done with seal coating. Resurfacing works best if the base structure of the asphalt pavement is stable and draining correctly. Resurfacing prolongs the life of the asphalt surface without a huge bump in your budget.

  • Pothole repairing: At JND Paving Inc., we realize the importance of safety. Faulty asphalt surfacing, in the form of potholes, is responsible for a major number of accidents on streets and roads daily. Call us for repair as soon as a crack is noticed in the asphalt surface. If the damage is missing, pothole repair must be undertaken as soon as possible to avoid mishaps.

  • Seal coating: Sealcoating is the process of applying a liquid coating mixture to asphalt cracks to protect your commercial pavement against harmful agents such as weather, grease, oil, and UV rays, as well as the wear and tear caused by them. Apart from repairing structural failures, the advantages of seal coating include:
    Easier maintenance.
    Slowing water infiltration.
    Resistance to oil spills.
    Increased flexibility for a longer life of the asphalt surface.


  • Crack filling: When a crack filling is undertaken regularly and in a timely manner, it will slow down the spreading of the damage and avoid the excess costs that may have to be incurred for repairing your driveway. Crack filling also increases the life of the asphalt by taking care of the wear and tear as well as the damage in a timely manner.

  • Asphalt milling: Asphalt milling involves removing the asphalt, grinding it into minuscule pieces, and using them to create a newer and stronger surface. This process is ideal when the surface area requiring repairs is quite large.

  • Asphalt patching: Also known as surface patching, this process involves patching holes or cracks in your asphalt as a temporary and more affordable solution. Asphalt patching is a good solution when the cracks are less than two inches deep. Generally, asphalt patching lasts for about two years.

  • Line painting: Most municipal, commercial, and industrial properties require line painting for their asphalt parking lots and walkways. This work requires high-quality equipment and paint and must adhere to regulations.

Why choose JND Paving Inc

When it comes to your property, you should only turn to professionals you can trust. There are countless reasons to choose us for asphalt repair in Ottawa, such as:

  • We have years of experience

  • We offer a range of repair services

  • We use the best materials for superior results

  • We provide personalized solutions

  • We can work on all types of properties

  • We use the latest equipment

  • We provide excellent client services 

Contact Us for Asphalt Repairs in Ottawa, Orleans, and Surrounding Areas

At JND Paving Inc, we take pride in meeting your paving needs. Contact us now to schedule asphalt repair and maintenance services in Ottawa.

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