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Improve the Appearance of Your Property

Seeing cracks all over your pavement that are making the landscape look unattractive? Let us help you hide them with precision!

Crack Sealing and Asphalt Sealing Services in Ottawa and Surrounding Areas

Don’t allow small, unsightly cracks become big pothole problems! Cracks in asphalt pavements let moisture penetrate the surface, causing potholes, cracks and eventually complete asphalt failures. Oil, water, heat and gas are the major contributing factors that damage the asphalt surface, making it more susceptible to cracks. Therefore it’s important to keep the parking lots and driveways of homes and businesses attractive by protecting them from these external elements. If you are looking for crack filling, seal coating and asphalt sealing services in Ottawa, contact JND Paving Inc. We can fill and seal any cracks in your property and prolong the life of your asphalt. Request a free quote for your next project!


With over 60 years of experience in the industry, we have handled various projects for residential, commercial, industrial, government and municipal clients in Greater Ottawa and surrounding areas. Our team of paving contractors has the knowledge and experience required to provide quality service. We take extra steps and use proper products to ensure a long-lasting job rather than a band-aid seal job that becomes porous after a few months.

The Purpose of Asphalt Sealing

Asphalt is an affordable, durable material, which is why it’s so popular for use in roads, parking lots, and driveways. However, once it’s applied, exposure to UV rays, water, oil, and road salt can cause the asphalt to dry out, fade, crack, and crumble over time. Asphalt sealing forms a protective barrier to prevent future damage caused by the sun, water, oil, and salt.


When asphalt is first laid, it’s a deep black colour that looks fresh and new. Over time, the sun and elements fade the pavement, making it look washed out, gray or white, and dingy. Sealing the asphalt restores that rich, glossy black colour to the pavement, returning it to a fresh, new appearance that can improve the look of your property and even increase its value.


The Asphalt Seal Coating Process

A new seal coating can preserve the resilience of asphalt surfaces and help hide small cracks, patches and rough spots as well as making traffic lines on parking lots more visible.


It not only accelerates the melting process of snow and ice on pavement surfaces but also helps to protect against harmful chemicals, water penetration, rain, frost and snow damage. Also, in case you want to enhance the aesthetics of your pavement, seal coating is the ideal thing to do. A correctly applied seal coat makes your asphalt driveway look cleaner because rain washes dirt and debris easily away from the smooth, non-porous surface.


Asphalt Crack Filling

Left unfilled, cracks will allow rain and moisture to flow through the pavement and erode base materials, ultimately resulting in potholes and pavement failure. Filling cracks with crack filler helps prevent rain and moisture from flowing through the pavement. By stopping the entrance of water, the rate of deterioration of the pavement is significantly slowed. Crack sealing also prevents the loss of aggregate from the edges of the crack.


By filling and sealing cracks, water is prevented from penetrating beneath the asphalt surface where it causes the majority of distresses and failures by weakening the base and sub-base. Unsealed cracks also allow sand, dirt and other non-compressible substances to enter the cracks which interfere with the expansion and contraction of the pavement. This simple procedure is the most cost-effective pavement maintenance technique and one that can greatly extend the life of asphalt pavement.


Get in Touch

We can produce any type of asphalt mix to handle unique challenges — whether it’s steep hills where cracking can be a problem or a flat driveway, JND Paving gives asphalt solutions designed to look better and last longer. Reach out to us for crack filling, seal coating and asphalt sealing services in Ottawa. We work with residential, commercial, industrial and municipal clients.

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