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5 Advantages of Interlocking Pavers for Landscaping, Walkways, And More

interlocking stone pavers

Tasteful landscaping can really make your home stand out from the pack. Interlocking pavers are a great choice of material for homeowners looking to beautify their property. You want to upgrade your landscaping with a material that will look great and last. But the advantages of interlocking pavers go beyond simple durability. Let's take a look at 5 key advantages of interlocking pavers, and why your home needs them.

1. Durability and Strength

Interlocking pavers are incredibly durable when compared with asphalt or concrete. When you drive over interlocking pavers, the force is dispersed over many individual pavers. This makes them much less likely to crack or sink.

2. Low Maintenance

Many other paving options require regular maintenance or resurfacing. You do not need to reseal interlocking pavers periodically. If you do get a discoloured or damaged stone, you can pry out a single paver and replace it. However, it is unlikely you will ever need to do this. Simply pressure wash them occasionally and they'll remain in pristine condition for years.

3. Versatile Designs

The individual stones used in interlock come in a range of colours, stylish shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to create customized designs for your home to fit the look you are going for. Do you prefer a classic look or a striking geometric design? Ottawa paving professionals can work with your preferences to give you the design of your dreams.

4. Weather Resistance

In the Ottawa climate, you need a paving option that can withstand the swings in temperature. Interlocking pavers can withstand the July average highs of 21.1ºC and the January average lows of -9.3ºC. As the ground freezes and thaws, solid concrete surfaces can easily crack. Interlocking pavers have enough play in them that this is not an issue. This means that you can expect them to last for years - and stay looking good in the process.

5. Quick to Install

For a professional paving company, interlocking paving is one of the quickest finishes to install. It's also available to use straight away! If you go for asphalt or concrete finish, you'll always have wait time once it's been laid. Sometimes this is as long as a week or more. The advantage of interlocking pavers is that you can park your car or use your patio the minute the contractor has finished.

Get a Quote for Interlocking Pavers Today

Landscaping with interlocking pavers has so many advantages. It's the obvious choice for many Ottawa homeowners. Whether you want to refresh your walkways, upgrade your patio, or rejuvenate your pool area, JND Paving Inc is ready to make it happen. Contact us today for a free quote to discuss your landscaping project.



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