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Reasons You Need Parking Lot Maintenance

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Are you a business owner or property manager wondering whether to resurface your asphalt parking lot? There are more than 427,000 businesses in Ontario, and many of them operate out of a brick and mortar building. Employees and customers travel the parking lot at your office or building daily. The high amount of traffic each day means you need to maintain your parking lot! Read on to learn why you should hire paving contractors to perform your parking lot maintenance!

Increase Safety

The safety of employees and customers should be a focus for every business in the Greater Ottawa area. That's because a trip or slip and fall injury on your premises can result in an expensive lawsuit against your business. Asphalt repair and paving of your parking lot can keep it smooth and safe for your guests. This decreases the chances of an injury and strengthens your defences if there is one.

Increase Longevity of Parking Lot

The longevity of your parking lot will increase if you perform regular parking lot maintenance. It's not a secret that the winters in the Greater Ottawa area can be harsh. From 2010 to 2019, the average monthly snowfall in December, January, and February in Ottawa are over 43 centimetres! The cold winters and hot summers can cause your parking lot to fall into disrepair if you don't maintain it.

Save on Major Repairs

Parking lots are similar to your office building in that regular upkeep can prevent the need for major repairs. For example, pressure washing your building can help stop mould from forming on the walls of the structure. This allows you to avoid spending thousands of dollars to have the building repainted. Having a paving professional inspect your parking lot will help you identify small problems with the surface before they become bigger ones. It will also give you the chance to discuss any issues with drainage or standing water, which can cause damage over time.

Visual Appeal to Visitors and Customers

Paving your parking lot will make it more visually appealing to other people. This can give your office or warehouse a more professional look for visitors and customers. When your parking lot is discoloured or has faint stripes for parking spaces, it can be dangerous for customers and cause some to forego visiting your business altogether!

Hire Experienced Paving Contractors Today

Experienced paving contractors like the professionals at JND Paving Inc. can help you with all your parking lot maintenance needs. Our team has more than 60 years of experience in the industry and is your source for quality paving services in the Greater Ottawa area. We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with competitive pricing and quality work on a timely schedule. Check out our resurfacing and repair services to learn more about how we will transform the parking lot at your business!


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