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Signs You Need to Repave Your Commercial Parking Lot

commercial parking lot

There is something very appealing about a smooth, well-paved commercial parking lot. But when cracks and potholes start to form, it can be off-putting to many drivers looking for somewhere to park their vehicles. Unfortunately, parking lots can’t stay looking new forever. There comes a time when you’ll need to start thinking about repaving asphalt. So, what are the signs that you need to consider repaving parking lots? In this article, we’ll talk about when you should repave your parking lot.

When Your Parking Lot Has Cracks

One of the first signs that you have damage to your parking lot is that the asphalt will start to crack. Over time, these cracks will deepen and lengthen. This could be hazardous to your customers. Cracks should be repaired straight away, although repairs will eventually stop working and you’ll need to repave your parking lost.

When Your Asphalt Paving Has Dents and Divots

Another problem to look out for in your parking lot is dents and divots. These might be brought about by heavy vehicles parking in your lot, especially when they’re left in one spot for a considerable length of time. Problems like this can also be brought about by knocks from low trucks and trailers. Whatever causes the dents, they’ll spell a bumpy ride for anyone using your parking lot. They can also bring about pools of water which will also cause significant issues. If you notice dents in your parking lot, repair or repave your asphalt.

When Your Parking Lot Has Potholes

Potholes can be very problematic to drivers parking in your lot as they can easily damage vehicles. This, in turn, could damage the reputation of your business and cause liability problems. Repaving is the best option for filling in potholes.

When Your Paving Is Sun Damaged

When your parking lot has been freshly paved, it’ll look dark and smooth. Over time, the ground may start to fade and get lighter. It may also become discoloured. This damage is often caused by the sun’s rays. Simply repaving a parking lot can give it a whole new lease of life and make it look fresh once more.

When Your Parking Lot Is Waterlogged

When you have problems with your parking lot such as cracks, dents, and potholes, water can pool. The more water pools, the worse the damage will be. Repairing or repaving your asphalt will prevent water from pooling.

When You Have Faded Stripes

When your stripes wear down, it can leave your parking lot looking shabby. In addition to this, it can cause confusion for motorists. When you have your parking lot repaved, the paving contractors will freshen up the stripes at the same time.

Repaving a Commercial Parking Lot

If you have a commercial parking lot that needs repaving JND Paving Inc can help you. We’re dedicated to providing quality work at great prices. Contact JND Paving today for a quote to repave your commercial parking lot in Ottawa and the surrounding area.


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