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What Causes Orange Stain Lines on Asphalt Driveways?

orange stain on asphalt

Asphalt driveways offer many benefits. They are affordable, easy to install and last a long time. An asphalt driveway does need some minimal maintenance. It is also susceptible to staining, from engine oil and transmission fluids to mulch left for long periods. It is important to keep your driveway clean to avoid these situations. One common stain that you might notice on a freshly paved asphalt driveway is orange lines and streaks of rusty water running down your driveway. These orange lines are not the result of neglected driveway maintenance, but rather a chemical reaction in the asphalt itself that can be easily removed. Keep reading to learn more about these asphalt stains, where they come from and tips for removing them from your newly paved asphalt surface.

Orange Lines on Asphalt Driveways

A common misconception is that orange lines and stains on asphalt driveways are from leaks in vehicles. While engine oil can stain asphalt, it will not produce an orange mark. There are two possible causes. The first is fertilizer. Iron in these products can react with the asphalt and cause the stain. If you suspect your asphalt driveway has come into contact with fertilizer, this could be a result. The more common culprit is the existence of pyrite in the asphalt mixture. Pyrite is found in the stone or aggregate commonly used for asphalt and gravel. The word “Pyrite” comes from Greek and means “the stone which strikes fire.” Freshly paved asphalt driveways are most commonly affected, especially in the summer when the driveway is paved in hot and humid conditions. When exposed to air and moisture, the pyrite oxidizes and begins to rust, coming to the surface and leaving orange-coloured lines and streaks on your driveway. While these stains can be an eyesore, there’s no need to worry since they do not damage the integrity of your asphalt pavement.

How to Treat Orange Lines on Driveway

Fortunately, since these orange lines and streaks are merely remnants of rust reactions, they can easily be removed. It may take one to two weeks to get rid of, but the stains can be washed away by rain or water. If your driveway has other stains that aren’t caused by pyrite rust, you may need to consider resurfacing and repairs for your driveway. It is important to remove stains caused by oils spills or other chemicals that can cause damage to the structure of your asphalt driveway. While the amount of pyrite in your asphalt can’t be controlled, any stains that show up on your new asphalt driveway can be easily removed with a little patience.

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