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Why Asphalt Repair is Important for Businesses

pavement cracks

Asphalt lots and driveways take the brunt of nonstop use. After a while, cars, people, and weather prove to be asphalt's main sources of damage. Though it's the popular choice for pavements, even asphalt needs repair. You might be thinking—how's that possible? What's more stable than road pavement?

The answer is not much. Still, fixing pavement cracks is a natural part of asphalt maintenance. If you own a business, it's important to keep pavements smooth for your clients and customers. Here's how to keep your asphalt as strong as your business.

Fixing Pavement Cracks

Asphalt driveways and parking lots are extensions of your business. No one wants to visit a building with a parking lot that's riddled with potholes and tire-busting dips. Knowing asphalt's prone to cracking makes it easy to keep an eye out for them. Being proactive allows for setting aside a crack fixing budget. How Long Before My Asphalt Cracks? It's normal for asphalt to need repairs every 3-5 years. The longer you wait to repair it, the more likely it is to grow potholes and different crack sizes. Staying on top of things can make for effortless repairs in the short-term. Why's My Asphalt Cracking? There are many reasons for asphalt cracking. The first involves the elements—water, gas, and heat. Ottawa has 120 days of snowfall, making melted snow a big culprit for asphalt cracks. Air quality, road traffic, foot traffic, and changing climates explain the need for asphalt repairs.

Crack Sealing Services

It's easy to disconnect what happens inside your business and outside your business. Knowing one informs the other can make you a better business owner. Commutes are already stressful. The worst thing would be having clients come in worried about your parking lot. Your business shouldn't have to worry about asphalt impacting customer reviews. Don't wait for complaints to start fixing pavement cracks. If you've experienced the following asphalt symptoms, it's time to call on crack sealing services.

  • Unlevel pavement

  • Breaking or cracking along the sides

  • Dips

  • Pitting, or small holes

  • Stains

  • Other forms of deterioration

Asphalt repair calls for protective sealants, fillers, and caulking methods. JND Paving can revamp your pavement to make it look and feel good as new.

JND Paving Knows Ottawa Asphalt

Life's hard enough—roads should be easy. You can boost your business by caring for your clients before they walk through the door. Working with JND Paving means having a local company in Ottawa with over 60 years of expertise. Though some may think to repair asphalt themselves, our professional crack sealing services use top-quality technology to spot-treat and prevent further damage. Plus, who wants to worry about asphalt when you have a business to run? People expect smooth roads. Anything else is noticeable and instantly aggravating. Don't let asphalt get in the way of your offerings. Fixing pavement cracks preserve asphalt's lifespan. It might even help you stress less on your way to work! Make your life a bit smoother with a free estimate from us today.



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