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The importance of proper drainage in paving projects

What’s the big deal? It’s just a few puddles, right?


Unfortunately, poor drainage is much more than a mere puddle. That water pooling on your driveway can be the cause of issues that are much bigger than you might initially think.


Why is proper drainage so important? Read on and find out more as we explore this topic.

The after-rain puddle on the asphalt driveway in autumn

Importance of Drainage for Driveway Paving

Inadequate drainage can be a massive problem for you and your driveway. Poor drainage leads to water pooling in low places whenever it rains, which can cause many other issues and lead to major repairs.


  • Soil Erosion – When water starts to collect on the surface around your driveway, it can wash away the soil around the structure. This threatens your landscaping and can even ruin the integrity of your driveway. 


  • Structural Damage As water erodes the soil along your driveway, it slowly creeps toward your home’s foundations. If this process is allowed to continue, it can cause cracks and other damage to your foundation. 


  • Moisture in Your Home – If water reaches your foundations, it can even get into the structure of your home. This causes moisture issues in the lower levels, which means mould and mildew are more likely to grow. 


Drainage Solutions and Best Practices

So now you’re probably asking yourself, “How can I prevent these drainage problems?” The answer depends on what kind of problems you’re facing and what kind of geography and landscape you have, but some of the most common solutions include:


  • Regrade your driveway – Your driveway’s grade is one of the biggest factors determining how well it drains water. A flat driveway will have water pooling, but the grade should not be too large. Call JND Paving Inc. in Ottawa to fix grade issues.


  • Subsurface drainage systems – Although one of the most expensive solutions for driveway drainage issues, it is also one of the most effective and longest-lasting solutions. Depending on various other factors, this can be a channel drain or a French drain. It can be a good solution to install if your driveway paving is already damaged and needs to be repaired anyway.


  • Swales – Swales are a drainage solution meant to mitigate stormwater pooling at the foot of a driveway. They are installed at the edges of the driveway near the entrance, allowing water to run into the swales and be routed away from the driveway to prevent water from pooling on the pavement. Swales can often pair with drains. 


  • Permeable Paving – Many drainage issues result from water simply being unable to enter the ground through the pavement. You can get around this quickly enough by getting a driveway paving company in Ottawa to install a driveway that allows water through it. Permeable driveways are built from materials that allow water to pass through, often built in grid patterns with space between the concrete or plastic where water can pass through, and grass can grow. 


Call Your Paving Contractor in Ottawa Today

If you're looking for a paving contractor in Ottawa, JND Paving Inc is your best bet. We provide top-notch asphalt paving and driveway paving services to customers all over the city. If you're having issues with drainage in your driveway, don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help!


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